The Guayabera is a extremely functional and stylish garment that should be in more men’s and ladies wardrobes.

During the Christmas Holidays we will be attending plenty of engagements; you want to be sure that you look good and make a great impression.

Casual Outdoors Christmas Party 

  • Men – Pair short sleeve, casual guayaberas, with dark jeans or slacks. Great fabrics like linen or microfiber guayaberas for a comfortable, but proper look. Linen pants will always look great.casual short sleeve collage
  • Ladies – Short sleeve or off shoulder guayaberas with black jeans, skirts, or slacks.girls casual collage

Formal Indoor Christmas Party

  • Men – Definitely linen or very fine fabric combinations. It can be short or long sleeve depending on the formality on the event. French cuffs are always a great touch and don’t be afraid to try new colors. Dressing bold can get you lots of compliments.long sleeve collage
  • Ladies – Linen always stands out; an elegant linen Guayabera dress is your best option to dress comfortably all the while looking amazing. A fine linen short sleeve Guayabera paired with a nice skirt is always appropriate for an elegant event.dresses collage

If you have a special event and don’t know what to wear, if you have any questions about the fitting of any of our Guayaberas; do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will make sure that you dress to impress for the holidays.

Daphne M. Lenti | Guayabera Aficionada