About Us

Guayabera[gwahy-uhberuhSpanish gwah-yah-be-rah] is a men’s shirt popular in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Central America, South America), Southeast Asia, and throughout Africa.

Culture[kuhl-cher] the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.

Cobblestone streets, vintage American automobiles, a competitive game of dominoes. Waves crashing against a seawall, the smell of a hand-rolled cigar, intoxicating syncopated Latin rhythms. Days at the beach, sunset walks with your sweetheart, elaborate Sunday dinners with family and friends. All reminders of days gone by. Were you just transported back?

Guayabera Culture was born from the love of a humble shirt – the Guayabera. Nothing looks like one, nothing fits like one, because nothing else is, a Guayabera. Always in style by being simultaneously modern and vintage, this shirt celebrates love, life, tradition, and culture. Join our vision – A Guayabera in every closet!


Nostalgia, memories, smiles.

Four simple pockets that go way back in time, if you grew up around men who wore Guayaberas, you will definitely understand.

Folklore states about 300 years ago a Guava Farmer (guayabero) in the Sancti Espiritus province of Cuba, asked his wife to sew utility pockets onto his work shirt so he had a place to carry his cigars, handkerchief, and other little instruments he used throughout his day. The shirt caught on with other local guayaberos for its practicality; they even used the lower pockets to carry guavas (guayabas). Little did they know a style of shirt would be christened – The Guayabera.

Cuba claims its invention, Mexico claims its invention, as do the Philippines. Regardless of origin, the guayabera is the quintessential symbol of Latin America. We will let the nations battle over bragging rights and simply enjoy wearing the Guayabera.

Our Story

I have been wearing Guayaberas for years; they have always enamored me. In fact, when I first met my wife Daphne, she was very surprised to see I owned one. Daphne is Latina; I however, am not. Compliments abound, especially from Latinos, when I wear a Guayabera. Seeing me wear this shirt, they are instantly transported back in time when Abuelo (Grandfather), Tio (Uncle), and Papa (Father) all wore one. There is a childlike fondness evoked by this unique shirt – a connection to their culture.

Visiting my wife’s family in Puerto Rico during the late summer of 2012, we were walking through the tiny little streets of Old San Juan. Personally, I love this charming little city, as it is truly a step back in time. We came across a store selling Guayaberas. Not too uncommon in the Caribbean, but what I saw surprised me – a full array of traditional Guayaberas, Guayabera Dresses, and various Guayabera inspired apparel for women. Naturally, we purchased a few items for my wife and the seed was planted – Orlando, FL needs Guayaberas.
-Adrian Lenti