Linen Halter Guayabera Dress


Sexy, classy, and distinctive, this Guayabera Halter dress is designed and tailored to make an impression. Patterned after the traditional Classic Guayabera, this dress accentuates feminine curves perfectly. Crafted from 100% White Crisp Linen, this Guayabera Dress is a best seller for weddings, wedding parties, destination beach weddings, rehearsal parties, or simply to make an statement.


  • Two traditional tucks in the front
  • 100% Crisp Linen
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Four Pockets
  • Lined
  • White, Beige, Brown, Pink, Ivory

Runs one size small, Imported, JMP Brand,

Please enquire about any sizes or colors either not available or showing out-of-stock, or 407-850-8025.


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